Napoleon of the Jat People; Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Maharaja Ranjit Singh, born at almost about midnight of 13November in 1780. His Father named was Maha Singh, who was the Ruler/commander of sukarchiya Misl(a Sikh confideracy) & mother was RajKaur.

Lion Of Hind, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji Sandhuwalia!

In the Childhood, he suffered from smallpox disease which led him to lost the Sight of his left eye in those small ages.

His Father MahaSingh Ji, passed away when he, himself was only 12years old, in year 1792 and as a successor, he got the ruling powers in his hands on such a little age.

Ranjit Singh Ji, not only remembered as ruling Maharaja of Sikh Empire(Jatt Empire) but it’s founder too

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji, born in a Jat(Jatt) family of Sandhuwalia Clan.

Historian Thakur Deshraj, mentions about him,

Tha.Deshraj states that, the border of whose empire touches the Delhi at once so on the other side Afghan, Kaabul, & Ghajni is known as the Lion of Hind, if Britishers had not invaded India, then whole of the Hindustan had again reunited by borders under his leadership.(in his Book, Jat Itihas)

From 1792-96 or about the beginning of 1797, the Sukarchiya Misl was under the possession of his mother RajKaur & in which Diwaan Lakhpat Singh helped(support) her.

In 1796, Ranjit Singh got married with Mehtab Kaur, his mother-in-law Sadakaur also starts supporting in the confideracy rule.

But in, 1797 the rule was totally comes under his possession(doesn’t mean, that he obey his elders), but the rule totally fell in his Hands, now he the Supreme of Sukarchiya Misl.

In year 1799, he had captured over Lahore(present day Pakistan), and ruled there as Lahore, the capital of his Punjab Estate/Kingdom

Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Fort at Lahore
His Empire Maps
An another Map of his Empire.

Winning over Sikh Confideracies, from between, 1802-11A.D.

Captured Over Amritsar in year 1805.

In year 1807, he had defeated over kutubuddin(of Kasur) & captured over it(Kasur), also the same year when Jhang Ruler Ahmad Khan(with some other Afghani Pathan Rulers) created a conspiracy to try to defeat Maharaj Ranjit Singh Ji, but himself they had been defeated by Maharaja & his, “Great Commander, named Hari Singh Nalwa” (He was a Jat Commander/Warrior by belonged Race, from Utpall Clan).

Great Commander & Warrior, Sardar Hari Singh Ji Nalwa(A Jatt from Utpall Clan)

1809, when a Rajput Ruler of Kangda(कांगड़ा), named Raja Sansar Chand Katoch, ask help from Maharaj Ranjit Singh Ji, to crush over the Gorkha invaders, and promise if Maharaj help him, then in return he will gave the Kangda’s Zaagir to him, Maharaj Ranjit Singh Ji sent an army in command of Divan Mokam Chand(his another Commander) to take over the invaders, but after this all, Raja Sansar Chand Katoch forgot about his promise; So Maharaj Ranjit Singh Ji Captured his Son, and later on he had to give the rule of Kangda to Maharaj. Hence, Kangda becomes a part of his Sikh Empire(Jatt Empire).

Victory at, “Atak” in 1813, Pathan Ruler Fateh Khan, got defeated by Maharaj Ranjit Singh with help of 12thousand soldiers, he won the “Atak”

In year 1818, he had conquered over Multan, by defeating thier previous ruler named Muzffar Khan, on 15 February 1818.

In 1819, Maharaj had conquered over Kashmir, on 20 February 1819, together with 30 thousand Strong Jatt troops, on 1 May 1819 Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa captured Raghori by defeating the previous ruler named AgarKhan, on 3-4July a Frightful battle took place in which the Jatt Sardars had won, on 4 July they entered over in ShriNagar, on 24 August with the orders/permissions of Maharaj, Sardar Hari Singh Ji appointed Divan Matiram as Governor in ShriNagar.

Munger, Dera Ismaylikha, Banu victory in 1821, this conquest campaign started on 9 November 1821, and doesn’t ended until the Jatt Warriors hadn’t demolished the previous Pathan Rulers, in this battle Hafis Ahmad Khan(pathan ruler) is killed/assassinated by the Jatts, and on 27 January 1822, this campaign had ended, when they had a victory over it.

In year, 1834, Ranjit Singh Ji made his last but most popular victory, named as the Victory of Peshawar, Maharaj Along with 25thousand Sikh Jatt Soldiers, entered in Peshawar on 6May 1834, and captured it on 11May.

Did You Know(Some Awesome Facts about Maharaj Ranjit Singh Ji)

According to a Poll Survey of BBC London, Maharaja Ranjit is the Greatest Ruler, in the History of World,even more than 36-38% of the votes had conquered by him.

He fought his first battle, when he was only 10 years old, along with his father.

Maharaj Ranjit Singh.

At the Age of 17 years only, he had failed the Indian invasion of King Zaman Shah Durrani of Afgjanistan, Maharaj had defeated him a one more time, in the battle of Amritsar(1797)

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji, Jatt Lion of Hind.

Do You Know, Ranjeet Singh Ji is the only Ruler in the History of World to conquered over Afghanistan, also Kabul & Ghazni, and later on he had Ruled there also.

Maharaja also Captured over Koh-I-Noor Daimond. This diamond was also a treasure of his treasures.

Maharaj Ranjit Singh Ji, Sandhuwalia Jatt

Only, of him(due to him/because of him); The Punjab is 51years less exploited(or treaten by Britishers as slaves) as until he was alive, the Britishers had never took a single eye on the Punjab, hence Punjab is less slaved/exploited by the Britishers.

He had never given someone, a death punishment in his life, in his Ruling time, in his period, in his region(Punjab).

Maharaj Ranjit Singh’s Darbaar(Court)

As we already discussed, he lost his left eye’s sight in childhood due to, suffering from smallpox disease, also there is a fact, that he had never pressurized or force someone on the religious basis, he respects all the religions equally, which symbolises that he use to see everybody by one eye(equally), also he had only one eye, the other can’t be use for sighting.

Captions not required, for the Legends.

He was Crowned as Maharaja in year 1801, at the age of 20 years only, on 12April 1801, which was a Baishaki Day.

The Credit of Gold on the Golden Temple of Amritsar, even goes to Maharaj Ranjit Singh.

The Golden Temple, Amritsar!
Credit for putting Gold goes to Maharaj Ranjit Singh Ji, also a fact about this temple, this is the most visiting place in this existing world, means all over worldwide this is most visiting monument.

He had fought 49battles(about) in his life and had won each and every out of them.

Under his Ruling time, the Sikh Empire(Jatt Empire) had ruled over Tibett, some border parts China to, Afghanistan, Kabul & Ghazni.

A museum in Amritsar and a university in Punjab also mark Ranjit Singh’s undying legacy.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji, Sandhuwalia Jatt.

In 2003, a 22-feet tall bronze statue of Singh was installed in the Parliament of India in his honour. Not only in India but in a French town called Saint Tropez, that had military links with Punjab, installed a bronze bust of Ranjit Singh in 2016 — and Maharaja is revered worldwide.

His throne, made up of gold, when he sits on it, he never use to wear a crown on his head only Turban, because to show that everybody is equal.

His Golden Throne, as Current Location is Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Maharaja’s statue at Saint Tropez, as depicted below.

Maharaj Ranjit Singh, Statue at St. Tropez!

By RY Choudhary

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