About the Author,

Ch. Reyansh Singh, a Jat of Henga Clan, who prouds of that,

About me, welcome to this section, in this topic we are gonna to talk about myself, my full name is Choudhary Reyansh Singh, I belongs to a Jat family of Henga(Hiung-Nu) Clan, and I prouds of it.

My family relationships,

My maternal Gotra(Clan) or Clan of my mother is Solanki, the braves who established many large kindoms, for e.g. The Great Chālūkyās etc.

My Grandmother(paternal) was a Nauwarhiya Chauhan or simple Nauwar, the Great Chandravanshi Jats

My Great-grandmother(paternal) was a Bikhadwar(Bikarwal) gotra Jat

The gotra of my maternal grandmother was Tevatia(Teotia), and also she is from Ch.Charan Singh’s family, who became the Prime Minister of India.

Maternal Great-grandmother’s Clan was Dagur(Dagar)

My Great Great Grandmother(paternal) was a Khutela(Kuntal Tomar), the clan of, “the braves of the braves”

The married gotra of my Bua(Father’s sister) is Sinsinwaal(Sinsinwar)

What, about me, I had already told you about that, I just prouds to be a Jat.

Here on, this page(website), we would tell you guys about the glorious history of Jats the greatest warriors of all time, not saying I’am but the great historian B.S.Dahiya in his book, “Jats-The Ancient Rulers”. You could must read it, it’s a great history book by a great writer.

Here, I plays a role of admin, and thankful to you guys for reading my blogs, but I have a little request to you all from my heart’s core, please also share the information, to every Jat in this world.😀😀

If you need, any kind of help or any invigilative enquiry, you could hesitatelessly contact me, on my Facebook page, link given below.

Thank You all. Please share!

By RY Choudhary

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