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  • Napoleon of the Jat People; Maharaja Ranjit Singh
    Maharaja Ranjit Singh, born at almost about midnight of 13November in 1780. His Father named was Maha Singh, who was the Ruler/commander of sukarchiya Misl(a Sikh confideracy) & mother was RajKaur. In the Childhood, he suffered from smallpox disease which led him to lost the Sight of his left eye in those small ages. His […]
  • Plato of the Jat People; Maharaja SurajMal
    Maharaj SurajMal(13 February 1707, 25 December 1763). Maharaja Suraj Mal, about his ancestry, historians like Thakur Deshraj, Laxman Singh Ji, stated that he was a Yaduvanshi Jat, and a descent from Lord Krishna meaning Krishna was one of his ancestors. Even historian Hukum Singh Panwar(Pauriya) had not only states this but also provides us the […]
  • About the Author,
    Ch. Reyansh Singh, a Jat of Henga Clan, who prouds of that, About me, welcome to this section, in this topic we are gonna to talk about myself, my full name is Choudhary Reyansh Singh, I belongs to a Jat family of Henga(Hiung-Nu) Clan, and I prouds of it. My family relationships, My maternal Gotra(Clan) […]